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When looking at a home inspection franchise opportunity, you may have many questions. Which home inspection franchise opportunity is best for you? Which home inspection franchise opportunity offers the best support? What should I expect from a home inspection franchise? We have addressed many of the common questions and have posted them below in an FAQ format. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact the Home-AlyzeŽ National Franchise Support Centre directly.

What is a Franchise?
Why be a part of a franchise system vs. starting a business myself?
Are there other Home Inspection franchises?
Does Home-Alyze offer financing to prospective franchisees?
Do I need to have a home construction experience to succeed?
Do I get an exclusive territory?
What can I expect from the Franchisor?
Can I operate my Home-Alyze franchise from home?
What do I receive at startup?
What type of support should I expect from Home-Alyze?
Why the Home-Alyze reporting system?
What marketing support do you provide?
Do I need employees?
What makes a good home inspector?
Do I have to be an inspector to become a Home-Alyze Franchisee?
What does CAHPI have to do with Home-Alyze?
What about E&O insurance?
Are all territories the same size?
Does Home-Alyze have any Franchise territories where I can work part-time?
How do I get experience or field work?
What is my next step?

The home inspection industry has experienced fantastic growth over the past decade. With new consumer protection laws being passed on a regular basis, the home inspection industry grows stronger every day. In the early 1980’s less than 5% of homes sold were being inspected. Today, experts estimate that 40 - 60% of homes sold are being inspected. This estimate is consistently increasing. Home-AlyzeŽ caters to the increasing number of people who desire a home inspection expert to help them make an informed purchase decision. We have taken an active approach to position ourselves as a credible consumer’s advocate for home buyers in this vibrantly growing market.

Here are some frequently asked questions about franchising with Home-AlyzeŽ:

What is a Franchise? Back To Top

Franchising is, very simply, a method of doing business whereby you utilize the skills, resources and business strategy that someone else has developed and tested. You are able to go into business for yourself with the full support of an established company like Home-Alyze behind you.

Why be part of a franchise system vs. starting a business by myself? Back To Top

Business is in many cases an art of taking risk. Experts have indicated that a franchised business has more than a 75% chance of success, whereas an independent business has only a 20% chance of success. The discrepancy in these success rates is attributed to a venture’s access to professionally developed business systems including operations, marketing, risk management, and a readily available support system. Additionally, consumers tend to have a higher level of confidence in franchised businesses because they offer more standards of quality and have a more professional presence in the marketplace. Franchises are ideal for business people who want to reduce their risk by aligning themselves with a successful business model and a reliable support system.

Are there other Home Inspection Franchises? Back to Top

Yes there are other home inspection franchises including some much larger than Home-Alyze. Building a franchise system is much like building a house – if you build it too fast you sacrifice quality workmanship. Home-Alyze is a family business and as a result, the leadership is even more committed to providing quality services to its franchisees and to the public. Home-Alyze is proud of its reputation and longevity, and welcomes like-minded people to join our system to help build the best and most credible home inspection service available.

Does Home-Alyze offer financing to prospective franchisees? Back to Top

Home-Alyze has individual packages from certain banks that have franchise divisions to help you in arranging for financial assistance, but as with all financing you are required to qualify on your own merit.

Do I need to have home construction experience to succeed? Back to Top

Home inspectors operate in the realm of opinions. And sound opinions are formed by individuals with an aptitude for construction that takes into consideration their education, experience, current research and developments, and good common sense. Your clients demand is for a sound opinion to advise them in what is often the largest investment of their lifetime. That is why Home-Alyze home inspectors are required to not only have a degree of experience, but to demonstrate sound opinions.

Do I get an exclusive territory? Back to Top

Home-Alyze offers exclusive promotional territories for you to develop and maintain a competitive presence. The territories are designed by taking into account a number of factors including how many inspectable dwellings are in the area.

What can I expect from the franchisor? Back to Top

As a Franchisee, you will receive training and support in marketing, business operations, and in technical competencies. You will have access to the proprietary Home-AlyzeŽ business system and products, access to over 34 years of home inspection experience and leadership, and you will benefit from being part of a like-minded group of dedicated business people that work together in maximizing each others’ potential for success.

Can I operate my Home-Alyze franchise from home? Back to Top

Yes. The home inspection business has many advantages over other businesses, including the flexibility to operate from a home office to minimize overhead and reduce the cost of doing business.

What do I receive at start-up? Back to Top

Home-Alyze Franchisees in the start-up phase receive training for the inspector on all aspects of the inspection process including risk management, report writing, technical competencies (including an assessment of your technical strengths and weaknesses), communication strategies, and you will be taught techniques on how to use your construction knowledge successfully as a professional home inspector. Additionally, you will receive training in the operation of the Home-Alyze business system including administration, accounting, marketing, and the highlighting of some important legal issues.

What type of support can I expect from Home-Alyze? Back to Top

The support you receive from the National Franchise Support Centre is governed by the Home-AlyzeŽ Mission and Vision Statements and is backed-up by over 34 years of home inspection experience and leadership. To be more specific you will receive support in launching your new home inspection business, in evaluating your market information, in developing marketing strategies and initiatives, in ongoing business operations, in technical questions during inspections and otherwise, and in risk management.

Why the Home-Alyze reporting system? Back to Top

The Home-Alyze reporting system is a comprehensive system that provides the inspector with the flexibility to accurately report on not only common housing issues, but to report on unusual conditions that are not easily categorized in other reporting systems. The Home-Alyze reporting system also includes supporting documentation that elaborates on common defects and concerns about housing components, outlines housing components’ Life Cycles and Costs, addresses Environmental concerns, and provides Maintenance schedules. Another significant advantage in using the Home-Alyze reporting system is that it is in fact easy to read! So your clients and other real estate professionals will be even more satisfied with the service you provide.

What marketing support do you provide? Back to Top

All the marketing available to you as a Home-Alyze Franchisee is designed by a marketing professional. The marketing tools,techniques, and overall philosophy are the result of over 34 years of industry experience in attracting home inspection clients. Along with ongoing support, all franchisees receive a marketing launch strategy, and a yearly marketing plan. It is important to note that Home-Alyze marketing systems are influenced by risk management techniques while providing you with the professional marketing required to present yourself as a home inspection expert.

Do I need employees? Back to Top

Your need for employees depends on the size of your territory and the decisions you make as to who will perform each function of operating your home inspection franchise. Many Franchisees do not have employees because they are willing to perform all functions of operating a home inspection business such marketing, inspecting, administration, bookkeeping, etc.

What makes a good home inspector? Back to Top

A good home inspector must demonstrate good judgment and sound opinions, as well as a genuine willingness to learn from new developments, continuing education, and new experiences. Good home inspectors also have the ability to conduct themselves professionally when dealing with clients and other professionals in the real estate industry.

Do I have to be an inspector to become a Home-Alyze Franchisee? Back to Top

A Home-Alyze Franchisee must be involved in the day-to-day operation of the business but you don’t have to be the inspector. Many Franchisees are the home inspectors for their companies, but Franchisees may require employees in order to operate at capacity.

What does CAHPI have to do with Home-Alyze? Back to Top

Home-Alyze’s founder, Peter Salmon, is also the founder of CAHI (now CAHPI) in the prairies and co-founder of CAHI National (now CAHPI National). When you become a member of a CAHPI association, you join a group of home inspectors (also your competitors) who’s mandate is to promote the home inspection industry. Many Home-Alyze franchisees are members of CAHPI or are working towards full membership. Membership in most associations will require a degree of schooling to be completed. Make sure you are aware of the requirements for the association in your location.

What about E&O insurance? Back to Top

The purpose of E&O insurance is to protect the inspector if a mistake is made that results in a demonstrable loss to a client. E&O insurance became available to home inspectors about 10 years ago and significantly improved the professionalism of the home inspection industry. Aside from the fact that the entire insurance industry has experienced turmoil and uncertainty in all types of insurance coverage, the availability of E&O insurance became an issue for home inspectors a few years ago as underwriters suffered consistent losses from policies issued to home inspectors. A factor that has significantly contributed to this development is that most home inspectors lack the risk management knowledge and skills required to adequately defend themselves against parties holding inaccurate perceptions and unrealistic expectations of home inspectors. To protect the public, home inspectors must ensure they perform inspections according to CAHPI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. To protect themselves, home inspectors must develop or have access to well thought-out risk management strategies, and then apply for E&O insurance coverage.

Are all territories the same size? Back to Top

Not all territories are the same size. A number of factors affect the size of a franchise including geography, the number of inspectable dwellings in the area, and driving distances.

Does Home-Alyze have any Franchise territories where I can work part-time? Back to Top

There are some smaller communities that are limited by factors such as geography, driving distances, and the number if inspectable dwellings. Many of these isolated communities can only provide enough work to keep an inspector busy part-time.

How do I get experience or field work? Back to Top

During inspector training at the National Franchise Support Centre, you will accompany senior inspectors from Home-Alyze’s ‘flagship’ operation on home inspections. You complete your own report and then compare it to the senior inspectors’ report once you return to the training room. You also have the option to extend your stay at the National Franchise Support Centre to observe additional home inspections performed by senior inspectors.

What is my next step? Back to Top

An important step to take in moving forward is to talk to people related to the home inspection industry including CAHPI (Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors), CFA (Canadian Franchise Association), and you are most welcome to contact Home-Alyze’s Franchise Consultant Dave Melcosky. If you are interested in obtaining support from a successful franchise system like Home-Alyze, we follow a comfortable step-by-step process in welcoming capable individuals onto the Home-Alyze team.

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