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As a product and service, Home-Alyze® offers the best home inspection in the industry. The Home-Alyze® reporting system is second to none and has been designed over many years to be both easy to read for the customer and comprehensive at the same time. Our reporting systems are customized and updated through continual improvements to stay current with market issues. You can operate Home-Alyze® from your own home, even though you may spend a lot of time in other people’s homes. As a home based franchise opportunity, you can save money on many of the overheads that other business types have as expenses. When you choose the Home-Alyze® home inspection franchise you are getting much more than a franchise, you become part of the Home-Alyze® franchise system, a franchise system that provides the best in franchise support, franchise training and franchise marketing. The Home-Alyze® National Franchise Support Centre boasts one support staff for every four franchisees - the best franchisor to franchisee support ratio in the home inspection franchise industry.

Home-Alyze® Franchise Opportunities

As a home inspection service, Home-Alyze® has a National Canadian Franchise Support Centre that is staffed by dedicated professionals who are committed to helping your franchise opportunity succeed within the Home-Alyze® system. Our support team offers on-going Technical, Operations and Marketing support. As part of our ongoing support, the team at the support centre hosts a quarterly conference call for all franchise locations to discuss industry concerns, marketing, tech talk and new ideas for the future. At Home-Alyze we believe in open communication and working as a team to continue to provide the best home inspection service available.

In June of 2003 Home-Alyze® joined the AIR MILES® reward program. This program allows us to reward clients as well as attract new ones with an exciting offer - every home inspection awards AIR MILES® reward miles. Being part of a high profile consumer program lends credibility to Home-Alyze® as well as providing franchisees with a cost effective way to promote special offers other than discounts.

Home-Alyze® began in Canada in 1978, long before there was a Home Inspection Industry. Our founder, Peter Salmon, worked hard to not only legitimize this service, but put policies in place that would help define home inspectors and their role in Canadian Real Estate. Mr. Salmon was the co-founder of the original Canadian Association of Home Inspectors (now CAHPI) and was awarded the Certificate of Merit from his peers in 1993 for his contributions to the Home Inspection Industry.

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