Start your business off running! As a Business Owner, you will experience value through Home-Alyze® with an increasing professional image, confidence level and bottom line. The support system at Home-Alyze® gives you the opportunity to achieve your full potential by assisting you in effective marketing, technical competencies and administration.

The initial Franchise fee is $24,900.00 and there are no fees to be paid upon renewal. Monthly royalties are at 8% and the advertising fund is at 2% based on gross monthly sales, excluding taxes. The basic investment required to launch a new home inspection business will vary and is dependent on your specific circumstances and requirements. Initial and ongoing costs that are directly related to this type of business include:

• Establishment of the Corporate Franchise with Home-Alyze.

• Legal fees to set up your private Corporation (use a number company only), including Minute Book and Share Certificates.

• Accounting/Bookkeeping services to set up initial accounting records.

• Initial costs to set up a working office, including equipment and basic supplies.

• Direct marketing and initial introductory advertising, including telephone directories or internet advertising.

• Travel and accommodation costs incurred to attend the one week orientation and basic training course in Calgary.

• Initial inventory of supplies including reporting books, brochures, business cards, business stationery, air miles bonus cards and additional optional supplies.

Additional Notes

To start the process of becoming a qualified candidate, please fully complete and return the Request for Consideration.

We recommend that you provide for the possibility that start up expenses may exceed revenue and that you should maintain sufficient cash reserves to carry the Business through its start up and development stage. The exact amount of such reserves will vary from location to location and cannot be meaningfully estimated by the Home-Alyze®. It will vary due to a number of factors including business management, marketing, your skills and how you follow the system and deal with market conditions.

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