Home Inspection Training

After joining Home-Alyze®, the Orientation and Basic Training is your first step and will take place at the Support Centre. In addition to Home-Alyze basic training you need to complete the well-known Carson Dunlop Training Program under the format of Proctored exams, you must receive a Proctor Verification Letter and a Course Completion Certificate direct from Carson Dunlop and Associates.

Orientation & Basic Training

Home-Alyze Orientation and Basic Training consists of one week at the Support Centre in Calgary. You will be introduced to our home inspection procedures, the Home-Alyze home inspection reporting system, marketing, first contact/first impressions, administration procedures and risk management.

In addition to this you will benefit from ongoing support, including technical information, marketing expertise, and research and development.

Following is an outline of topics covered during Orientation and Basic Training at the Home-Alyze® office.

• Orientation to Our Unique Reporting System
• Review of Equipment and Tools Required
• Risk Management Procedures
• Environmental Issues
• HVAC Systems
• Inspecting House Components and The House As a System
• Legal and Liability Issues
• First Contact & Administration Procedures
• Accounting, Reporting & Privacy Considerations
• Marketing and How To Get Started

You will also have the opportunity to accompany, observe and prepare practice reports during field inspections with Home-Alyze® Home inspection Experts and their clients.

Home Inspection Training

Home Inspection Training Home Inspection Expert