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Strategy Page

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This page is dedicated to strategies and tips for beating the map Bloonarius Prime.

General Tips[]

Because of the major change in the path on prime rounds, one has to cover both paths adequately instead of focusing most of their DPS on one path only. As such, towers on Bloonarius Prime can be considered to be in one of two roles:

  1. Spawn-camping the entrance, to catch bloons before they warp to the alternate path.
    • Most towers are good here, whether in a DPS role or supporting role.
    • Wall of Fire deserves particular consideration as it doesn't care about the length of the path.
    • Slowing or stunning towers also deserve particular mention, for extending the time before the bloons split as much as possible. Such towers include Glue Monkeys, Ice Monkeys, MOAB Press, and Bloon Impact.
      • Sauda has a good synergy with debuffs, and can thus be a natural choice as a DPS tower at the entrance. In fact, this makes her viable as a starting hero on CHIMPS.
      • If using another Hero, then Tack Shooter would be the way to go. Though it's far too weak to reliably use in the early game, a max-buffed Tack Zone has enough DPS to possibly surpass even Sauda and decimate the late game MOABs.
    • The entrance also provides a good opportunity to debuff the bloons, such as with Embrittlement, Signal Flare / Shattering Shells, Shimmer, Perishing Potions or Heart of Oak.
  2. Cleanup along the rest of the paths.
    1. Towers with global range are the best. Such towers include: Psi, Sniper Monkeys, Carrier Flagship, Monkey Aces, Heli Pilots, Druid of the Jungle, and Primary Expertise.
      • Advanced Intel has to deal with the major line-of-sight blocker at the center of the map.
      • Adora and Etienne have good enough ranges to cover both paths if properly placed.
      • Top-path Wizard Monkey also gets a mention for it's high map coverage, bypass of line-of-light, and generally well-rounded DPS against the Bloons in spite of being designed to pop blimps. In fact, the last point is the reason this tower is best for Reverse mode.
    2. Druid of the Storm can act as the bottom exit's watchdog while also guarding the 'prime' path and use a combination of whirlwind and lightning to sweep Bloons. Druid Reach can allow it to cover more of the path within the left lake to make further use of its attacks.
    3. Towers with good projectile pierce (i.e Dart Monkey, both top and bottom path) can be placed right next to the boss path to cover both the normal and prime paths, as well as take advantage of the straightaways for its pierce to provide the best ambush on the Bloons entering the prime path.
    4. Bloontonium Reactors are exceptional uses for both paths, particular attention to the left path as a well-placed reactor can cover huge chunks of it.

Because the initial path before splitting is so short, you will need good cleanup towers.

Due to the limited options/space available, buffing key towers with Alchemists and Villages is ever more important.

Most rounds are not prime, thus there can be a focus on the left path if global DPS from the above two categories is good enough, as most late-game rounds occur on the left path (with the notable exception of Round 97). As a matter of fact, it may be more crucial to fortify the left path as feared rounds like 63, 75, 76, and 78 all use that path.

There is a small space (~1px) just below the entrance puddle on the right side where a tower with a small footprint can be placed. The spot is hard to find, but the easiest way to locate it is using a Tack Tower whose range will reach right to the right-most edge of the grassy spot on the stepping stone to the left.


  • As there are no prime Purple rounds in standard set of rounds up to 100 and no prime DDT rounds in standard set of rounds up to 140, you don't need any Purple/DDT countermeasures to the prime lane before Round 140. On Rounds 101-132, Purples should not be such a threat, and they could be easily dealt by leftover pierces of other projectiles.
    • Also in Alternate Bloons Rounds, only Round 97 spawns DDTs. Just use AoE ability to deal against them.

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Bloonarius Prime/Strategies (2024)
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