FMF Camp co*ker Bullet: ATV Race Report - GNCC Racing (2024)

Kayla Bolton

by: Kayla Bolton
Sunday, March 24, 2024 | 8:00 AM


FMF Camp co*ker Bullet: ATV Race Report
Neal Makes it Four-In-A-Row at Round Four

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (March 24, 2024) – The 2024 Progressive Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series presented by Specialized, an AMA National Championship, hosted round four, the FMF Camp co*ker Bullet, at Moree’s Sportsman’s Preserve in Society Hill, South Carolina. Saturday saw some amazing racing conditions as the rain tapered off much earlier than expected.

The afternoon race saw some cool and partly cloudy conditions as they made their way to the starting line. When the green flag flew it was Phoenix Racing Yamaha’s Brycen Neal earning what is said to be only his third ever $250 Kanati Performance Tires holeshot award. From there Neal would not look back as he continued to push throughout the duration of the race in the number one position. Neal would come through with almost a five minute lead over the rest of the field to earn his fourth-straight win of the season.

Behind Neal, WFR/GBC/Fly Racing/BNR Motorsports/Yamaha Racing’s Walker Fowler was making his way up through the pack after coming through fourth on the opening lap. Fowler would continue to push himself through the sandy conditions, making his way up to third and then into second as the white flag flew indicating one more lap to go. Fowler was able to hold onto second and gain a 42 second lead over third place.

Coming through to round out the top three finishers on the day was Action Off-Road/GBC/BNR Motorsports’ Josh Merritt. As Merritt made his way around on the opening lap, he would find himself battling at the front in second. Merritt would continue to battle towards the front for the duration of the race as he put his head down and pushed to remain in that third place position. This is Merritt’s second time finishing in the top three this season, as he currently sits third in the points standings.

After a good start to the day, McGill Mafia/OBOR Tires/Moose Racing’s Adam McGill found himself battling between third and fourth for the entire length of the two-hour race. McGill would be unable to make a pass back for the last podium spot, but he would come through to earn fourth overall on the day. Action Off-Road/GBC/Houser Racing’s Wyatt Wilkin had his work cut out for him as he came through eighth on the opening lap. Wilkin continued to push and would make his way up to fifth overall as the checkered flag flew.

Phoenix Racing Yamaha’s John Glauda Jr. found himself battling back-and-forth for the extent of the race. Glauda Jr. would come through to earn sixth overall on the day. BNR Motorsports/Fearless/Kenda Tires’ Steven Harrell would also have a consistent day as he came through to earn seventh overall in South Carolina.

After coming through fifth on the opening lap, Action Off-Road/Maxxis/Fly Racing/Lonestar’s Austin Abney would find himself battling to finish eighth overall on the day. Bullet Proof Doorz/BNR Motorsports/Senge Graphic’s Ronnie Rusch would come through behind Abney to finish ninth overall on the day. While Action Off-Road/AMSOIL/CB Racing’s Chris Borich rounded out the top ten overall and in the XC1 Pro class.

JMR/GBC/Elka/Moose Racing’s Jarrod McClure eleventh would bounce back to finish eleventh overall on the day after back-to-back mechanical’s taking him out of races. Unfortunately for Hunter Hart Racing/Fly Racing/Ithaca Recreation Sport’s Hunter Hart he would be unable to make a lap after a mechanical took him out of the race early on.

As the XC2 Pro-Am class took off towards the first turn it would be Action Off-Road/GBC/FXR/BNR Motorsport’s Kenny Shick earning the $100 BNR Motorsports holeshot award. As the race wore on, CST Tires/LMR Motors/Elka/Fly Racing’s Braxton Grosse would find himself working his way up from a fifth place start to take over the lead on the third lap. Grosse would put his head down and push once in the lead, coming through to earn the win with a 50 second lead over the rest of the field.

BNR Motorsports/Pierce Performance/GBC Tire’s Alex Thieman also had his work cut out for him as he came through in the sixth place position on the opening lap. Thieman would continue to make the necessary passes to put himself in podium contention. As the white flag flew, Thieman would make the pass for second in the class, coming through with nine seconds over third place. Action Off-Road/Pierce Performance/Guts Racing’s James Glauda found himself stuck in the back on the opening lap and would have to work his way up through the pack. Glauda would also make a last lap pass from fourth to round out the top three in the XC2 Pro-Am class.

Earning the Top Amateur honors at round four was the College A (16-18) competitor, Brody Lee who came through 18th overall and remains undefeated in the College A class. Dayton Hickey would come through in 21st overall to earn second on the Top Amateur podium as well as in the College A class. Andre Williams rounded out the top three Top Amateurs as he came through 22nd overall and third in the College A class.

As the 11 am race kicked off and the 4x4 Pro line went roaring into the first turn it would be Kenda/KMK Off-Road/Ryco Electric’s Cody Collier grabbing the $100 BNR Motorsports Holeshot Award and the early lead. Collier would continue to push throughout the race, having almost a three minute lead over the rest of his competitors at one point. However, on the last lap Collier would begin to have some machine issues causing him to fall back to fifth in the class.

Solesbee Racing/OBOR/DeRisi/Fly Racing’s Branson Solesbee started his day back in fourth, but he would continue to push and find himself taking over the lead position on the final lap. Solesbee would come through to earn the 4x4 Pro class win, while Moose Racing/Full Throttle Heating & Cooling/Kenda Tires’ Gavin Jenkins would battle back and finish second in the class. KMK Off-Road/OBOR/FXR’s Kaden Wharff rounded out the 4x4 Pro podium as he came through in third.

As the WXC class jumped off the line it was JMR/Action Off-Road/GBC/Moose Racing’s Katelyn Osburn earning herself the BNR Motorsports $100 Holeshot Award. However, it wouldn’t take long for Osburn Off-Road/Pierce Performance/Moose Racing’s Chloe Harper to battle her way into the lead position. Harper would put her head down and push throughout the duration of the race, ultimately coming through to earn her first win of the 2024 season and finishing third overall in the morning race.

Elioff Racing/BNR Motorsports/GBC Tire’s Jessica Elioff would make her way into second on lap two of the race, and battle back from there for the remainder of the race. Elioff would come through to cross the line second in the WXC class, as she still remains in the points lead. JMR/Action Off-Road/GBC/Moose Racing’s Katelyn Osburn would continue to battle after earning the holeshot and would finish her day third in the WXC class.

Earning the overall win in the 11 am race was 250 All-Star competitor, Cole Lykins. His fellow 250 All-Star classmate, Andrew Smallwood, would come through to finish second overall on the day.

In the Youth ATV race it would be Garret Cox coming through after a consistent race to earn the Youth Overall and YXC1 Super Mini Sr. (13-15) class win at round four. Avery Collins would find herself battling back in the second place position and would find herself being able to hold on until the finish. Noah Lykins would round out the top three ATV Youth finishers as well as in the YXC1 class.

Then in the YXC2 Super Mini Jr. (12-13) class it would be Landon Glauda making the pass for the lead at the halfway point, ultimately holding that number one spot until the checkered flag flew. Jackson Hanco*ck and Jacob Smallwood would both finish second and third in the YXC2 class in South Carolina.

Isaac Smith would come through to earn the 250 (13-15) class win, Ryder Mauney came through to take home the 250 (13-15) Limited class win. Wyatt Dolan earned the 125 (8-12) class win, and Tate Hall would earn himself the 125 (8-12) Limited class win. Beau Collins earned the 90 (8-12) class win, Kelci Stringfellow would come away with the Schoolgirl (12-15) class win at round four. Raelynn Dickerson took home the Girls Sr. (12-15) class win at round four, while Jaycie Berg earned the win in the Girls Jr. (8-11) class and Casen Jennings would earn the 70 CVT (6-11) class win.

The Micro ATV Overall and MXC1 (8-9) class win was earned by Chad McCormick, which was his third win of the season. Colt Delabar would come through to earn second overall, while Casen Knecht earned the third place position overall. Both, Delabar and Knecht would also earn second and third in the MXC1 (8-9) class.

Then in the MXC2 (6-8) class it would be Kruz Libecco earning the class win with Kolston Wilson coming through to earn second in the class, while Justin Collins Jr. battled back to earn third in the MXC2 class. Cash Knecht took home the 50 Sr. (6-7) class win, while Ryder Lewis earned the 50 Jr. (4-5) class win. Kolson Conklin came through first in the 90 Stock (8-9) class and Angel Magana would finish first in the 110 CVT (8-9) class on Saturday.

Coming through to earn the Micro Bike Overall and MXC1 (8-9) class win was Tripp Lewis, his second win of the season, while Todd Toland and Ben McDougald came through to earn second and third overall. Toland and McDougald would also round out the MXC1 top three finishers on the day.

In the MXC2 (6-8) class it was Kane Morrison coming through to take the class win in South Carolina. Weston Ford would continue to battle and finish second in his class, while Maura Tsakanikas would come through to earn third in the MXC2 class.

Also earning wins in the Micro Bike race was Peyton Austin in the 50 Sr. 1 (7) class, Carson Zink taking home the win in the 50 Sr. 2 (6) class and Hunter Siegel earning himself the 50 Jr. 1 (6-7) class win. Jacobi Duvall would come through first in the 50 Jr. 2 (4-5) class, Weston Brace would earn the Micro-E (4-7) class win at round four and Carson Propst came through to earn the Micro (4-6) Shaft Drive class win. Joey Ford entered in the Trail Rider (7-9) class and would earn himself the class win.

Catch GNCC Pro ATV and Motorcycle Racing free via all season long. Pro ATV Racing starts Saturday’s at 2pm ET, with the exception of Big Buck, Snowshoe and Ironman events where they will start at 1pm ET. GNCC Pro Motorcycle Racing will begin at 1pm ET on Sunday’s.

For more information on the GNCC series, visit the official website atwww.gnccracing.comor call (304) 284-0084. Join the conversation on the seriesFacebookpage, follow us onTwitterandInstagram, and be sure to always hashtag #GNCC.

FMF Camp co*ker Bullet GNCC Results and Points Standings
Society Hill, South Carolina
Round 4 of 13
Saturday, March 23, 2024

XC1 Pro Event Results:

  1. Brycen Neal (YAM)
  2. Walker Fowler (YAM)
  3. Josh Merritt (YAM)
  4. Adam McGill (HON)
  5. Wyatt Wilkin (YAM)
  6. John Glauda Jr. (YAM)
  7. Steven Harrell (YAM)
  8. Austin Abney (YAM)
  9. Ronnie Rusch (YAM)
  10. Chris Borich (YAM)

*Overall National Championship Standings:

  1. Brycen Neal (120)
  2. Walker Fowler (96)
  3. Joshua Merritt (78)
  4. Adam McGill (64)
  5. Wyatt Wilkin (62)
  6. Hunter Hart (55)
  7. Austin Abney (53)
  8. Chris Borich (51)
  9. Steven Harrell (51)
  10. John Glauda Jr. (40)

*Indicates that the Overall National Championship Standings will determine the 2024 National Champion.

XC2 Pro-Am Event Results:

  1. Braxton Grosse (HON)
  2. Alex Thieman (YAM)
  3. James Glauda (YAM)
  4. Grayson Eller (YAM)
  5. Alex Elioff (YAM)
  6. Dylan Walraven (YAM)
  7. Tanner Walker (YAM)
  8. Jeremy LeDonne (YAM)
  9. Christopher Howard (YAM)
  10. Tucker Wyatt (HON)

XC2 Pro-Am Series Standings:

  1. Alex Thieman (92)
  2. Grayson Eller (91)
  3. Braxton Grosse (90)
  4. Dylan Walraven (68)
  5. James Glauda (67)
  6. Alex Elioff (57)
  7. Christopher Howard (49)
  8. Kenny Shick (45)
  9. Daulton Keyes (45)
  10. Danick Pauqin (41)

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About GNCC Racing
The Progressive Grand National Cross Country Series presented by Specialized, an AMA National Championship, is the world premier cross country racing series. Founded in 1975, the 13-round motorcycle and ATV championship and 10-round eMTB championship, is produced exclusively by Racer Productions. Cross-country racing is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. The grueling two and three-hour GNCC races lead as many as 2,800 riders through racetracks ranging in length from eight to 12 miles. With varied terrain, including hills, woods, mud, dirt, rocks, and motocross sections, GNCC events are tests of both survival and speed. The series draws talent from all over the U.S., Central America, South America, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. GNCC Racing is televised live For more information, please

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FMF Camp co*ker Bullet: ATV Race Report - GNCC Racing (2024)


Who is the best GNCC racer? ›

All-Time GNCC Bike Championship List
1Ed Lojak9
2Kailub Russell8
3Scott Summers5
4Rodney Smith5
13 more rows
Nov 10, 2023

How long do GNCC races last? ›

GNCC races are two and three hour events, so if you're running a stock gas tank you will most likely have to make a pit stop or two during the race to fill up with fuel. For amateur racers, there is no 'official' pit area. You are free to pit anywhere along the course with the exception of the Scoring Zone.

How many miles is a GNCC race? ›

ATVs run a 10-12 mile course. Bikes run a 10-13 mile course. eMTB run a 2-4 mile course.

What kind of racing is GNCC? ›

GNCC races are physically demanding, leading as many as 2,200 riders through tracks ranging from woods, to hills, mud, rocks, roots, motocross track sections and more. The series has classes for off-road motorcycles, ATV and eMTB vehicles.

Do GNCC racers make money? ›

Essentially, the event pays the typical $14,000 GNCC purse, and then adds $18,000 each day in bonus money for the top-three overall finishers. In addition, specialty awards will also be given out for holeshots and other awards as they have been all season.

Who has the most wins in GNCC? ›

Bike Championships by Rider
1Ed Lojak9
2Kailub Russell8
3Scott Summers5
4Rodney Smith5
13 more rows

How to go pro in GNCC? ›

To become a professional GNCC racer, you will need to invest in the right equipment, make sure your AMA membership is up to date, pick the right class for your skill level, and register for the competition. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before becoming a Pro GNCC Racer.

How to become a GNCC racer? ›

Here are the steps you will have to follow once you are at the event:
  2. STEP 2: AMA MEMBERSHIP. AMA Membership is required to race GNCC. ...
  3. STEP 3: FAST TRACK – PRE-ENTRY ONLY. Here you will: ...
  4. STEP 4: TRANSPONDERS. Transponders are required for all competitors. ...

What transponder does GNCC use? ›

Transponder scoring is the official timing and scoring system for GNCC. We use Sport-Tag brand RFID transponders. You must have a transponder BEFORE you register at the event.

Who won Big Buck GNCC? ›

Watch: Big Buck GNCC Motorcycle Highlights & Results

Johnny Girroir (KTM) claimed the overall win as brothers Steward Baylor Jr.

How old do you have to be to race a 450 dirt Bike? ›

2017 AMA Rules Riders Must be 14 to Race a 250cc Bike and Must be 16 to Race a 450cc Bike. Everyone needs to be aware of the NEW AMA Rule. Page 6 of the 2017 AMA Rule Book: The minimum age for amateur riders is 12. A rider must be 14 or older to ride a 201cc up to a 350cc motorcycle.

What does a yellow number plate mean in motocross? ›

What does a yellow number plate mean in motocross? The Intermediate class is designated by the color yellow. There are two color schemes for backgrounds and numbers: C has a black backdrop with white letters, while B has an orange background with black letters. A class has a white background with black numerals.

What is ATV racing called? ›

ATV Motocross - ATV Motocross National Championship, an AMA National Championship.

What class did Jason Lawrence race at GNCC? ›

With help from Phoenix Honda Racing, J-Law raced the Industry Class and finished second overall.

Is hare scramble the same as GNCC? ›

A Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) is not a Hare Scramble; rather GNCC is wide open courses that are laid out to allow ATVs to run the same course as motorbikes. Conversely, Hare Scramble runs at a slower rate and is much tighter, requiring a different set of skills than GNCC.

Who is the best motor rider in the world? ›

MotoE gained World Championship status in 2023. Giacomo Agostini, with 15 victories, has won the most world championships. Ángel Nieto is second with 13 world championships and Valentino Rossi, Mike Hailwood and Carlo Ubbiali are third with 9 world championships.

Did Aaron Plessinger race GNCC? ›

The son of two-time GNCC Champion Scott Plessinger, 12-year-old Aaron Plessinger has proven to be one of the fastest young GNCC racers and motocross racers in the country. Aaron has won every GNCC...

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