P-Valley season 3 potential release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know (2024)

P-Valley spoilers follow.

We're just as excited to return to the Pynk as you are. Thank goodness then that season three of P-Valley has been confirmed! Showrunner Katori Hall dropped the news in October 2022, saying:

"With its complex, dynamic, and beautifully flawed characters, this show is a love letter to marginalized communities in the American South who rarely see themselves reflected on screen, and it brings me immense joy to know that it has been embraced by folx worldwide. We wouldn’t be getting back up on that pony, without our fiercely devoted Pynk Posse.

"Y’all are our fire. And special thanks to the fuel: everyone who laid hands on this show. From the writers and producers to the cast to the crew to the executives, this show is made with great love, grit and glitter. It’s gonna take us a Mississippi minute before we’re back on your screens again, but best believe it’ll be well worth the wait."

No doubt Hall is champing at the bit to get going. Last year, the creator told Collider that the characters are "constantly talking to me".

"I always have ideas," said Hall. When speaking of the season two finale, she added: "We delved into some dark stuff. We explored some caves and crevices this season. We cracked open people’s souls. There is light at the end of the tunnel for our Pynk family, and the audience is ready to laugh again.

"The season finale is really special. People who have been rooting for our Pynk family for so long are really going to love where we land everybody."

Season three is slated for 10 episodes and we can’t wait for that binge-fest – for now, we have everything you need to know about P-Valley's third outing.

P-Valley season 3 potential release date: When will it air?

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COVID-related production delays forced a two-year gap between P-Valley's first and second outings, which premiered in July 2020 and June 2022 respectively.

Yet while we were hoping for a release as early as this summer, it looks like P-Valley could become one of the shows affected by the ongoing Writers Guide of America strike.

In May of this year, Deadline reported that P-Valley had halted production in Atlanta as a result.

Creator and showrunner Katori Hall said: "We will not be filming until a fair deal is reached.

"Like many of my fellow showrunners, I feel as though my writing and producing duties are inextricably linked...As a writer I strike with a sense of radical dignity — that our work must be valued for the magic it is."

For now, we will have to wait for a deal to be reached before P-Valley's third season can return to production and get closer to confirming a release date.

P-Valley season 3 cast: Who will be in it?

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P-Valley season three will likely bring back most of the following cast members again for at least one more dance:

• Brandee Evans as Mercedes Woodbine
• Nicco Annan as Uncle Clifford Sayles
• Shannon Thornton as Keyshawn Harris/Miss Mississippi
• Skyler Joy as Gidget
• J Alphonse Nicholson as LaMarques/Lil Murda
• Parker Sawyers as Andre Watkins
• Harriett D Foy as Patrice Woodbine
• Dan J Johnson as Corbin Kyle
• Tyler Lepley as Diamond
• Morocco Omari as Big L
• Dominic DeVore as Duffy
• Jordan M. Cox as Derrick Wright
• Psalms Salazar as Whisper

    You might have noticed that Hailey Colton, aka Autumn Night, is missing from this list, and that's because Elarica Johnson has already confirmed that she won't be returning for P-Valley season three.

    Following season two's finale, showrunner Katori Hall told EW that this will likely be the last we see of Elarica.

    "It's so clear that the strip club is a revolving door," said Hall. "For Autumn Hailey Lakeisha Savage, The Pynk has been a place where she has dealt with a lot of trauma, has found friends and lost friends. She was a woman who came in on the wind and her leaving on the wind.

    "She saved The Pynk, she did something that Uncle Clifford could not at the time. She changed The Pynk, but she was changed by The Pynk and her relationship with Mercedes [because] she was able to, for the first time in her life, feel like a sister... The fact that she is leaving with not one, but maybe two babies in her belly is a sign of hope."

    Following that, Elarica Johnson explained in another interview with EW why she decided to leave the show after just two seasons:

    "Looking at the scripts this season, and the journeys of the characters and where The Pynk was going, Autumn's journey felt like it was coming to an end. She has done what she needed to do and it was time for her to move on."

    It's not all bad news though. During a recent chat with Digital Spy, Nicco Annan exclusively told us he'd love to come back with a resounding yes:

    "This ride, as an actor, is astronomical. I am very well aware of the blessed space that I'm in. It's been a lot of hard work to get here. It's been a long time. And so I'm happy. I'm happy. It feels like: let's go. It feels like the beginning, to be honest."

    P-Valley season 3 potential release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know (4)

    Brandee Evans also echoed this sentiment during the same interview with us, saying: "Oh, I'm up for season 3, 4, 5, 6. Keep me going.

    "I am so here for it, and I just hope that, you know, the audience receives it well, and the networks sees that, and we're able to keep going."

    And Evans is specifically stoked about season three (via Shadow and Act).

    "I’m so excited," Evans added. "I have no idea what they're going to do with my character or even the season because we haven't started yet. But girl, the fans, they love us hard. Like like so hard that it's almost scary at times. They truly love our characters. So, I'm very excited about that. It's overwhelming if I'm honest at times.

    "I went back to Memphis last weekend. My godbaby had her prom and girl, we couldn't even take pictures of her prom dress because of the way that the fans were interrupting a photoshoot. I was like, 'This is about my baby right now.' And they are diehard fans, for sure."

    Following Megan Thee Stallion's season-two cameo, could another celebrity make a similar appearance in season three? Showrunner Katori Hall previously told Entertainment Tonight that she would happily welcome Cardi B following a tweet from her about the show:

    "I would love for her to come down to The Pynk," said Katori, so don't be surprised if this ends up becoming a reality.

    P-Valley season 3 plot: What will happen?

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    P-Valley's second season finale sure does feel like a series finale in some ways. Uncle Clifford told Mercedes to "dream new dreams," and it seems like pretty much everyone took that to heart.

    For example, while Mercedes learned to embrace retirement, Lil' Murda and Uncle Clifford learned to love each other openly. And then there's Autumn, who left Chucalissa for a new life entirely.

    Now that Lil' Murda and Uncle Clifford have gone public with their romance, the ramifications of that could play a key role in possible future episodes. Things won't be easy though, not after Autumn stole $40,000 from the business.

    And then there's Mercedes. Now that she has a lot more time on her hands, what will she do upon retiring from the Pynk?

    Speaking to Elle, showrunner Katori Hall explained her long-term vision for Mercedes:

    "I want her to have everything. I want her to have a wonderful relationship with her daughter. I want her to have a wonderful relationship with her mother. They probably need to go to therapy. They need to do all the things."

    P-Valley season 3 trailer: When can we see it?

    P-Valley's The Pynk hasn't been reopened just yet, but when it is, you can count on us to share a new season three trailer when it drops, hopefully in 2023.

    P-Valley is available to stream on Lionsgate+ in the UK and Starz in the US.

    P-Valley season 3 potential release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know (6)

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    P-Valley season 3 potential release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know (2024)
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