P-Valley Season 3: Release, Cast & Everything We Know (2024)

P-Valley Season 2's finale left fans with several exciting questions that Season 3 is poised to resolve.

Created by Katori Hall, P-Valley is a series from Starz that premiered on July 12, 2020, revolving around employees of a strip club in the Mississippi Delta who navigate the ups and downs in their lives.

When Is P-Valley Season 3 Releasing?

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Two months after the P-Valley Season 2 finale in August, Starz renewed P-Valley for a third season in October 2022. Season 3 is expected to have 10 episodes (per TVLine).

At the time, P-Valley creator Katori Hall said in an official statement that she's "blessed beyond measure" to return for the show's third chapter:

“I am blessed beyond measure for this opportunity to write the next chapter of 'P-Valley.' With its complex, dynamic, and beautifully flawed characters, this show is a love letter to marginalized communities in the American South who rarely see themselves reflected on screen, and it brings me immense joy to know that it has been embraced by folx worldwide. We wouldn’t be getting back up on that pony, without our fiercely devoted Pynk Posse. Y’all are our fire.”

Hall ended by saying that "it's [going to] take us a Mississippi minute" before they return, noting it will be "well worth the wait:"

"It’s [going to] take us a Mississippi minute before we’re back on your screens again, but best believe it’ll be well worth the wait.”

Filming has yet to begin for P-Valley Season 3 due to delays caused by the recently-resolved WGA strike, though Deadline reported in May 2023 that it had finished the writing process.

Hall confirmed the news of the postponement on X (formerly Twitter):

"Despite rumors, due to the WGA Writers Strike, filming on 'P-Valley' has been postponed. Like many of my fellow showrunners, I feel as though my writing & producing duties are inextricably linked. We will not be filming until a fair deal is reached."

With both the writers' and actors' strikes over, Season 3 can go into production soon.

P-Valley Season 2 took six months to film, and it wrapped in February 2022 which then premiered in June 2022. The show was filmed entirely in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area in Georgia.

If filming for Season 3 begins in early 2024, production could last until June or July if it follows a similar timeline as Season 2.

That said, Season 3 would then premiere in late fall or winter 2024 at the earliest.

Who’s Cast In P-Valley Season 3?

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While it is not yet confirmed who will return in P-Valley Season 3, it is expected that most of the series regulars will come back.

Although Mercedes Woodbine retired from The Pynk, Brandee Evans is still set to appear as the main protagonist in the upcoming season.

Joining her are a plethora of returning favorites like Shannon Thornton as Keyshawn Harris, Skyler Joy as Gidget, and Harriett D. Foy as Patrice Woodbine.

One mainstay that won't be returning in Season 3 is Elarica Johnson as Autumn Knight since the Season 2 finale showed her character leaving town altogether after her affair with Andre Watkins.

Here is a list of the expected cast members of Season 3:

  • Brandee Evans - Mercedes Woodbine
  • Shannon Thornton - Keyshawn Harris/Miss Mississippi
  • Nicco Annan - Uncle Clifford Sayles
  • Skyler Joy - Gidget
  • Harriett D. Foy - Patrice Woodbine
  • Parker Sawyers - Andre Watkins
  • J Alphonse Nicholson - LaMarques/Lil Murda
  • Dan J Johnson - Corbin Kyle
  • Tyler Lepley - Diamond
  • Morocco Omari - Big L
  • Dominic DeVore - Duffy
  • Jordan M. Cox - Derrick Wright
  • Psalms Salazar - Whisper

Interestingly, Katori Hall spoke with Entertainment Tonight in June 2022 that she would be open to include Cardi B for a guest appearance in P-Valley:

"I would love for her to come down to The Pynk."

So, perhaps the hip-hop superstar will also make an appearance.

What Will Happen in P-Valley Season 3?

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From Autumn Knight's sudden exit to Mercedes' decision to retire, P-Valley Season 2 ended with a clear setup for a fresh start for the characters involved.

Patrice Woodbine's win in the mayoral race means she will usher her in a new era in the Mississippi Delta. Meanwhile, Keyshawn Harris ends up in jail after being accused of abusing her children, leaving Derrick free.

Lil' Murda and Uncle Clifford also announced their relationship to the public, meaning that there will be no more hiding from others in Season 3.

All of the ramifications from the Season 2 finale are set to carry over into the next batch of episodes.

P-Valley creator Katori Hall told Collider in August 2022 that the main intention for the Season 2 finale is to give a sense of a "light at the end of the tunnel" for the characters involved, thus setting up an interesting third season:

"I always have ideas. We delved into some dark stuff. We explored some caves and crevices this season. We cracked open people’s souls. There is light at the end of the tunnel for our Pynk family, and the audience is ready to laugh again."

While Mercedes has a new lease of life outside her comfort zone, Hall seems to tease in an interview with Elle in August 2022 that the character is still set to be the focal point of Season 3's story as she explores her journey outside Pynk:

"I want her to have everything. I want her to have a wonderful relationship with her daughter. I want her to have a wonderful relationship with her mother. They probably need to go to therapy. They need to do all the things."

The first two seasons of P-Valley are streaming on Starz.

P-Valley Season 3: Release, Cast & Everything We Know (2024)
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